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Article - Discuss Starting New Entry

Category:EEpedia Help

Table of Contents


To start a new entry, you have to be a registered user of Click on the Register link to start the registration process.


Next you have to fill out the fields in the registration form.


You will be notified within 24 hours that your registration has been activated.

Logging In

Once your registration has been activated, you can log into the system to start a new entry. Click on the Login link.


On a new window, you will be asked to enter your user name and password.


Creating a New Entry

To create a new entry, you simple put the title of the entry you want to create in the dialog box on the left side called “Create/Find Page.”





Editing an Entry

After having created a new entry, you can edit it further by clicking on the edit button on the top right one more time. If you wanted to create a new entry and you find out that an entry with the same name already exists, you can edit this entry unless it has been locked by the administrators of the EEpedia.

Further Editing Instructions

For additional tips on how to create and edit EEpedia pages, look at EEpedia Syntax and Style Sheet.