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Article - Discuss Style Sheet

Category:EEpedia Help

This is bold

[b]This is bold[/b] 

This is italic

[i]This is italic[/i] 

This is red

[color=red]This is red[/color] 

This is underlined

[u]This is underlined[/u] 

This is size 3

[size=3]This is size 3[/size] 

Putting text into box

Putting text into box

<blockquote>Putting text into box</blockquote

Adding a Category: Use the following syntax:

[[Category:Wiki Help]] 

Adding a Link to another page in EEpedia: Use the following syntax:


Making Link to External Pages


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

[]Contact Email[/email] 

To create a horizontal dotted line,  Use the following syntax:


Create a Table of Contents
Instructions for creating a table of contents can be found here Creating Table of Contents.

For advance sytling opitions available in the EEpedia, see Textile.

For additional information of available syntax see: pMCode Docs