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Australian company manufacturing instant boiling and chilling drinking water systems.

1947 Zip established to manufacture water heaters in Sydney
1962 Zip Heaters acquired by Michael Crouch (manufacturing bath and sink heaters)
1978 Zip manufactures world’s first small instant boiling water heater
1980 First Zip Miniboil 5 litre instant boiling water heater released
1984 Zip Miniboil wins Australian Design Award
1985 Zip appoints distributors in Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines
1987 Zip introduces first instant boiling water heater in the UK
1989 Australian factory moves to present location at Condell Park, Sydney
1990 Joint venture manufacturing commences in South Africa
1991 Zip opens its own company in the UK
1993 Zip introduces Zip Hydroboil range of on-wall instant boiling water heaters
1996 First Zip HydroTap undersink instant boiling water and chilled drinking water system released
2001 Zip HydroTap and Zip Hydroboil win Australian Design Awards
2002 Distributor for Europe appointed, located in Germany
2004 Current Zip HydroTap launched, wins Australian Design Award
2006 Zip opens its own company in New Zealand
2007 Zip launches a new electronic Zip Hydroboil on-wall instant boiling water heater
2007 Zip introduces first boiling and chilled drinking water dispenser into Britain
2008 Introduction of 4-in-1 Zip HydroTap giving boiling, chilled, hot and cold water