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The Purpose of EEpedia

The mission of Economic-Evolution.Net is to advance empirical research on all phenomena related to economic evolution. The theoretical orientation is grounded in evolutionary theory. Evolutionary Economics has a deep commitment to explaining how the world really works as opposed to creating merely abstract models of the economy. This means that collecting empirical data on how econmic agents (people, groups, firms, trade association, governments) behave and institutions (norms, rules, laws, etc.) come about and change is a crucial undertaking. 

Inspired by the success of the Wikipedia, we are launching the EEpedia to faciliate the creation of an empirical knowledge base on economic evolution. The EEpedia is designed to accelerate the knowledge creation by enlisting the largest number of possible people in the quest to secure detailed documentation and anlyses of economic evoltuion. We are interested on articles on any conceivable topic related to economic evolution.  We hope that people all over the world will contribute articles to the EEpedia. Once you registered, you can add and edit any article that falls in the general domain of economic evolution broadly defined.

Johann Peter Murmann (Founder)
August 4, 2006

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