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Our mission is to serve as the premier information site for scholars interested in empirical research on economic change. A sister web site, Evolutionary Theories in the Social Sciences,  is dedicated to theoretical research.

Our Policies

Because we are a scholarly web site, we have the policy of not making any money by referring visitors to other commercial web sites. Our mission is to be an independent source of valuable information and any commercial tie-ins would call this goal into question.  This is why we do not link any of the books that we review or feature to an internet bookseller who would pay a commission. We also don’t accept any paid advertising.

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Please send suggestions about content and links to the editor by clicking on the link in the right side of the header of this page.

Copyright Notice

The editor of economic-evolution.net, Johann Peter Murmann, retains copyright to all content of this web site, except for the contents of the EEpedia.  Authors of reviews and other contributions (except their contributions to the EEpedia) retain copyright in their individual contributions for uses other than on this web site. The contents of the EEpedia is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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To be able to post comments on EE.net, make entries in the EEpedia and to send emails to other users, you have to register yourself. To register click on the “Register” link in the header. After filling out the registration form, you will be notified when you account has been activated.

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If you have trouble to login in to economic-evolution.net or login out, your browser is confused. Clear the cache of your browser and set it not to remember user names and passwords.

Instructions for Posting Working paper Abstracts

To post a working paper abstract, you have to register as a user and then e-mail the editor of etss.net so that he can give you access permission for posting working paper abstracts. Once you have received your posting permission, you can find detailed instructions for posting papers here:  Instructions

The EE.net Bibliography

EE.net Bibliography is using a collaborative software platform that is not part of Expression Engine, the software on which all other parts of EE.net are running. Anyone can browse the Bibliography but to make additions or changes, you need to contact the editor to become a registered user of the EE.net Bibliography. You can find detailed instructions for using the bibliography here:  Instructions

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