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Write the History of a Company, Industry, or Person

Inspired by the success of the Wikipedia, we are launching EEpedia to facilitate the creation of an empirical knowledge base on economic evolution. We hope that managers, engineers, hobby historians, academics, policy makers, and others—in short all people who can contribute empirical facts, analyses and insights—will write articles for the EEpedia. (See the Purpose Statement).  Articles on any topic that falls in the general domain of economic evolution broadly defined are welcome.

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The Comparative Industry Studies (CIS) Project

Evolutionary economists have articulated powerful theories about how industries change. During the last twenty years economists, sociologists, and business school scholars have begun to study empirically how particular industries develop over long periods of time.  Because scholars frequently do not analyze the same aspects (variables), it often difficult to compare systematically across industries and figure out what causes lie behind the similarities and differences in patters of industry evolution. 

To make it easier in future studies to compare across industries and come up with causal explanations, we need to formulate an analytical framework, i.e. a common list of characteristics that future studies could trace.  Such a framework needs to combine concepts from traditional industrial organization economics, evolutionary economics, innovation studies, and institutional theory broadly defined. Participate in formulating this framework by going to the Comparative Industry Studies Project page.

Looking for Collaborators to Study the Global Paper Machine Industry

As the first “open-source” industry evolution study, we want to study the development of the Paper Machine Industry. We are looking for people from all over the world to put together information on the industry here in EEpedia. The type of data we are looking for is outlined in the article on the Paper Machine Industry.

The Comparative Firm Studies (CFS) Project

Understanding the patterns of organizational change and development is a central goal in both organization science and economic research on the theory of the firm. We know surprisingly little about why firms differ in their development patters.  For this reason we are launching an empirical project to study systematically how firms differ in their development by articulating a comparative framework.  We hope members of companies and hobby historians will collectively fill in the data that is needed to do systematic comparisons. More details on the project will come soon.

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