Indicators of Globalization, 1980-2004

Mauro Guillen

To track changes in the degree of globalization.

A. Economic:
Exports + imports of goods & services, % world GDP
Developed countries, % GDP
Developing countries, % GDP
Inward foreign direct investment stock, % world GDP
Developed countries, % GDP
Developing countries, % GDP
Exports of foreign affiliates, % total world exports

B. Financial:
Daily currency exchange turnover, % world GDP
Cross-border bank loan stock, % world GDP
Cross-border banking claims stock, % world GDP

C. Internet:
Users, % world population:
Developed countries, % population
Developing countries, % population

D. Demographic:
Stock of international migrants, % world population
Refugee population, % world population

E. Political:
Nation-states with membership in the United Nations
International organizations, number:

F. Social & Cultural

International tourist arrivals, % world population
International calls, minutes per capita
Books in Print on the topic of globalization

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